Addictive Game As You Play:

It’s a pretty simple and easy game. is actually a different version of the snake game. Unlike the snake game, snakes can eat each other. Although it is a simple and easy game, you will not be able to get it yourself as you play it. To join the game, you need to enter a nick name after logging into address.

How To Enter

How to Play

When you start the game, you first grow by eating the small icons in the field. In the game, both big snakes can eat small snakes and small snakes can eat big snakes. If small snakes can touch large snakes to their body instead of their head, they can eat the objects they collect and grow. But you have to be careful.

How To Play

When you start the game, you should not be food for big snakes and you should not touch the body of other snakes.

The aim of the game is to come to the top and be victorious in the scorboard. Based on my experience, I can say that you will enjoy it and you can not give up easily.

You can play the game on the web, iOS and Android platforms. Costumes

In addition to these, you can differentiate your snake by connecting to the game from your social accounts. You can create your character with different colored snake skins and shapes with the points you collect and the length you reach.

You won’t regret trying this simple, fun and competitive game.

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