Animal Rights Act Update

One of the most talked about issues in our country is the animal rights law. Violence and abuse of animals is also increasing day by day due to the lack of a deterrent to the law. Ministers who discussed these requests in parliament of the people who want to increase deterrent penalties for this, said that the latest laws could be even more deterrent. The law is expected to pass and be implemented in approximately 2 months. Animal lovers are also looking forward to this law.

Looking at the content of the law, pets such as pet cats and dogs will be fitted with a chip and will be in custody accordingly reportedly.

It is seen that pets who have been abused by the owner will be determined in this way and the owner will be fined. Due to a deterrent penalty, the fine will be determined as approximately 10 thousand TL comes across as one of the issues discussed in parliament.

Recently, dog breeds such as Pitbull have been seen to be aggressive because of the wrong cultivation. For this purpose, it is decided to issue additional obligations for people who will own such sexes. The requirement to receive reports from the medical committee also seems to allow for healthier training of dog breeds such as Pitbull and Dogo. Thanks to the animal rights law update, we hope that our animal friends will be looked after in better facilities and that they will live healthier lives in a healthier way.