Brazilian Model Alessandra Ambrosia Arrives in Istanbul

World-famous model Alessandra Ambrosia, who has worked with brands such as Victoria's Secret and Next, is coming to Istanbul. The model, who works with Secret in particular, has been one of the most well-known names in recent times. The arrival of the model, who garnered all the attention with her beauty, also excites her fans in Turkey. The model, who announced his retirement 2 years ago, is expected to arrive in Istanbul within the next 2 months. The model will be the lead model in the show at the Congress Center in Istanbul on March 17.

Fashion Show for the model is preferred as the lead model was also said.

Ambrosia will be accompanied by 100 models for the show in Istanbul. The fashion show will wear a total of 4 different dresses, the model's dress models will be like what is also among the news that fashion followers are eagerly awaiting. Although retired, the model's holiday with her latest lover, who continued to maintain her fit physique and continues to appear in different shows, was among the news. In addition, her introduction to modelling at a very young age has allowed her to become a world-famous model. The fact that he constantly develops himself and always cares about consuming healthy foods is also included in the information obtained during interviews. We are looking forward to the model coming to our country.