Edible Packaging Production from Whey

Unfortunately, the packaging has become more common in recent times to pollute our world. Especially because the packaging papers affect the lives of all living things, renewable packaging papers have started to be produced by scientists in nature. In addition to this situation, edible packaging production has emerged as a production that has never been seen before.

Professor professor of chemical engineering at Izmir High Technology University for the production of edible packaging from whey. Dr. Sacide Alsoy Altinkaya, together with his team, designed underw water packaging with corn protein. Especially thanks to this packaging, it is thought that renewable packaging production will increase with packaging production which is harmless to human and animal health all over the world.

Prof. It is known that Dr. Altinkaya and his team have been carrying out this work for 4 years. Finally, thanks to the patent they obtained, the packaging is planned to be further developed and spread around the world. Altinkaya also pointed out global warming, reported that the fact that this packaging is quite durable is a great advantage. Besides being edible, he said, he worked hard with his team because it was also very important for packaging, which revealed a new design with the best components. We think that in the future, such packaging papers will become widespread and that events such as global warming can be prevented by accelerating production.