Frightening Earthquake in Elazığ

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Elazığ on January 24, 2019 scared everyone. Kilis, Samsun and Iraq and Syria also felt earthquake sparked the destruction. In particular, the earthquake in 201 was among the data obtained that buildings were destroyed due to damage to buildings and damage was closed. According to information obtained from the collapse of damaged buildings, 23 people were killed and 1,031 injured. The people who were trapped in the earthquake continue to be removed by AFAD.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu was among the ministers who went to the scene. According to the minister's statement, the work will continue and everyone who remains under the dent will be meticulously rescued.

Information obtained from a woman's eye in the early hours of yesterday morning is among the information obtained.

It is clear that the citizens should be informed because of the increase in earthquakes in recent days. Trying to down the stairs during the earthquake is one of the situations not recommended by people who are experts in the field of earthquakes. The stairs are as dangerous as possible, experts say, as well as avoiding items that can be knocked over, such as a bookcase. The preparation of the earthquake bag is also of great importance at this stage. The items that should be found in the earthquake bag should be prepared in advance and kept in a place that is easily accessible at the time of the earthquake. And all the stuff in the house needs to be fixed to the wall.