Fire in Istanbul

A fire broke out in Gaziosmanpasa district of Istanbul. The fire in the building was barely extinguished as a result of the burning roof of a four-storey building and the wind further fueled the fire. The fire broke out in the early hours of the morning. Thanks to witnesses who called the fire crews, the fire crew extinguished the fire.

The roof of the house in Gaziosmanpasa was burned for an unspecified reason. Thanks to the timely arrival of the fire crew, it was also delights that no one was killed or injured. A short time later, the fire was extinguished and there was no loss of life or property. Fire crews intervened in the area where the fire was with the help of stairs. The fire was extinguished for about half an hour. Fire fighters who played a big role in extinguishing the fire said the fire could have been caused by the fugitive.

Eyewitness Ufuk Simsekli, who was at the scene, immediately rang the ringing of the apartment building after seeing the flames and said that everyone in the apartment was taken out. He said he had an old aunt, especially in the building, and that she was immediately taken down. Among the information obtained that the residents of the apartment are in good condition. The neighborhood was also seen taking to the streets because of fear of the fire. Eyewitness Ufuk Simsek, ''After seeing the fire, me and my friends who were at the scene immediately rang all the bells. We also brought down the old aunt in the apartment. We called the fire crews right away. We are also happy that there are no casualties or property in any way. ''he said. The fact that residents were sleeping could have caused a more serious fire if they didn't feel the fire. Lightning caused the fire to be seen in a short time and fire crews were notified prevented from spreading the flames. Whether there are leaks inside the apartment building and the cause of the fire are also among the topics being investigated.