Omelette Recipes for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes the same types of eggs make breakfast not pleasant. So what are the omelette recipes for breakfast? Let's look at it together.

  • Potato Omelette Recipe

We think no one likes french fries. What if we said it was very satisfying at the same time when we met with eggs? For this recipe, which is quite easy, simply pour a little oil into a pan and fry the potatoes that are chopped cubes. Then you can sweeten your scrambled eggs with spices and then throw them into the potatoes that are fried and expect it to cook.

  • Cheddar, Salami omelette recipe

After whisking your eggs in a bowl, put your salami in a ceiling with little oil and cook lightly. Then put the scrambled eggs in the ceiling and add the when they start cooking. When the melt, your egg will be ready.

  • Menemen Recipe

Add some oil to the ceiling, then take the little chopped green peppers and cook well. Then add the tomatoes, which are chopped cubes, into the ceiling. Add the scrambled eggs to the pan after the tomatoes and peppers are cooked and taste with the spices.

  • Slutted Omelette

Break and whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. Put some liquid oil in the ceiling and add the scrambled eggs to the pan. Add the and make the eggs cook until the melt. Your omelette is ready. Enjoy it.