Winter Holiday Advice

Advice for winter tourism; First of all, it's a long and occasional period where the alternative is proliferating and not as long as the summer holidays.

When you say winter tourism, there are ski resorts that come to mind. Our country is located in a lucky region in this regard, but we see that ski tourism has developed in certain regions. Apart from these ski resorts, winter offers different alternatives that will create your affordable holiday routes.


1) Ski Resorts

– Davraz- Isparta

-Kartalkaya – Bolu

– Saklikent – Antalya

– Zigana- Gumushane

In addition to the resorts such as Uludag and Erciyes, which are very preferred, they are the centers that contain you in different affordable alternatives.


It helps you spend time intertwined with nature, placed right in the middle of the most preferred natural landscapes of recent times, while also allowing you to relax and take you away from all the density of the city.

As an alternative holiday, the Black Sea plateaus are the top of the holiday routes in Bungalow houses. Gito plateau bungalow ayder plateau bungalow offers a perfect holiday for many facilities and snows such as. In addition, bungalows in Sakarya region and Sapanca can also take nature-inspired holidays.

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