Domestic Electric Carriage Produced

In recent months, the banning of carriages has come to us as one of the issues on the agenda. Thanks to the prohibition of these carriages, horses in poor condition were also protected. In this way, it is tried to prevent horses from being persecuted and poorly cared for. After the banning of carriages, the domestically produced electric carriages also entered our lives recently. Thanks to these carriages, it has been reported that horses can live in better conditions. The test drive of these carriages, which can be used without the need for horses, was also carried out by the minister.

Industry and Technology Ministe

r Varank, the coach is very useful and durable after the trial drive reported that he has done. He added that domestic production is of great importance to our country. Minister Varank, who hopes to be more useful and expanded in the coming months in our country, said that it is a tool that can be preferred especially for tourists. Thanks to these carriages, which will also be used in tourist icks in general, the persecution of animals can also be prevented in this way, he said.

The domestic electric coach was exported to approximately 33 countries. Likewise, i was told that the carriages would not spend much electricity because they were easily charged for between 6 and 8 hours. As a result of a 15-year study, these carriages were able to go 70-80 kilometers with a one-time charge. In the future, the carriages are expected to go more distance with less charge.