What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy means healing from plants. In fact, it's a situation where we're not too far away, but it's a term that we're not familiar with as a name, so it's different to us.

Phytotherapistism is actually one of the precious professions of the future. It has also been proven by science that there have been diseases that have healed by healing from plants and nature for centuries. Therefore, the effects on the disease are observed by using plants.

When phytotherapy is done in expert hands, the results are very successful. In many of our diseases, we benefit from plants, but these are our knowledge acquired over time.

We use many plants such as linden, sage, chamomile, balm in our daily lives and see their effects

Which Diseases Is Fitotherapy Good for?

It is one of the methods used in many diseases. Ibn Sina is considered one of the first phytotherapists, i.e. healer. It is applied with different plant species in different diseases. It has been observed that successful results are obtained when applied by experts in the right treatment method and work, even in cardiovascular diseases, gynecology, flu, migraines, chronic disorders and even psychological diseases.

Phytotherapy has made a lot of mention in recent years, increasing the number of experts in this field and developing as a different profession.


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