Subasi Closed his Café in Bebek

After his marriage to Acun Ilıcalı, Subaşı began to be named, and lowered the shutters of his cage in Bebek. Subasi, who has managed to make a name frequently mentioned in recent times, has also become one of the most talked about names in the country in the case of separation. Especially because of the amount of alimony he received, he sat on the agenda again with the book he published after weeks of talk all over the country. Seyma Subaşı has now decided to close her newly opened café in Bebek.

He had a period of cage in place and had not been able to enter that café years ago, and now he has reported in interviews a short time ago that he owns it.

He said recently that he had energized his employees and that his employees in his cage were always happy during the work.

Why did he close his cage was also learned thanks to an interview again. The rent of the cage is very high, subasi said that the monthly rent is 80 thousand TL. He also said he could not make a profit because of the lack of alcohol sales. In particular, he also criticised customers for sitting for hours with a single drink. In general, he said that they came to the café to see Subasi in the venue, but he could not make money because not many orders were given. Subasi, who said that they will dispose of the café soon, is curious about whether there is a new business plan. It is not yet known whether to open a new venue with a different concept.