Travel Routes Are Changing

Now the routes for travel and holidays are changing. In the event of constant change, people evaluate domestic trips as well as different tours abroad and form short or long-term holiday rotors.

While the priority for holidays abroad has always been in favour of Europe, people's routes have changed . Asian countries and the Middle East are now among the most preferred holiday regions.

It is among the biggest advantages of offering different alternatives and holiday opportunities for every budget in asia and the Middle East regions. . Besides taking a holiday, people change their routes because they have extra facilities. Especially the different product diversity health tourism cosmetics and the most preferred regions in various fields;

  • Maldives
  • Qatar
  • Thailand is among the most preferred affordable regions.
  • South Korea is the region that attracts the most tourists in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics.
  • Japan- Thanks to the developments in the field of technology, it has developed a different tourism model.

  • China- Having a market in many different areas helps it become a center of attraction for commercial tourism.

  •  Indonesia
  • United Arab Emirates

These are among the most preferred areas of travel.

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