5 Places to See in Turkey

  1. Sirince Village

Sirince Village, which is connected to Selçuk district of Izmir, comes across as one of the preferred tourist icky areas in summer and winter. Especially in the 19th century, wine was produced in this village, a Greek town. Likewise, it had an economic structure that dates back to tobacco and olive groves. We can say that there are definitely places to visit in order to get the perfect weather in summer.

  1. Datca

Datca, which comes across as one of the places you can not get enough of a tour in the summer, manages to amaze everyone, especially with its clean water.

For people connected to Mugla province and who want calmness, they are among the must-see places in Turkey.

  1. Saklikent

Located an average distance of 45 km from Fethiye, this canyon is one of the must-see tourist areas. With its immaculate air and a clear appearance of water, a perfect serenity will also be waiting for you.

  1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which has become a refuge for Christians at one time, has recently become one of the touristic places. This place, which continues to welcome tens of thousands of tourists every year with its charming beauty, is definitely one of the areas to visit.

  1. Balıklıgöl

Located in Sanliurfa, Balıklıgöl is a place that contains many legends. The sight of fish over water also offers a visual feast. It's one of the places to go.